Phacilitate TALKS with Linda S. Barnes

Breaking New Ground: The Why Behind the Nurse Educator Playbook

Episode four with Linda S. Barnes, Principal, Linda S. Barnes Consulting


“I vividly remember the day that I was diagnosed, I was sitting in the consulting room of the clinic I had designed…”


At the time of her diagnosis, Linda was an administrator at an NCCN cancer centre in which she later became a patient. Linda describes it as a powerful moment to be able to sit down and consider, first-hand, the patient journey.


With two children under ten and a 15% chance of survival, Linda’s situation was not great and while she had worked within in the care setting for many years, Linda was left feeling alone, vulnerable and exposed. However, she decided to be bold and take risks, something that she also recognises of the cell and gene therapy industry and reminded us to continue to do in order to see a real impact on the standard of healthcare.


Among the symphony of her clinical care team – surgeons, nutritionists, radiation oncologists, social workers – there was one that she leaned on the most, the nursing team. Nurses are a vital cog in the patient journey, they coordinate care, educate patients and manage symptoms.


Linda went on to give back to the biotech industry and helped to launch Provenge, really taking into account that last 100m of the supply chain and administration of the drug in the clinic.


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