Designing Trials to Improve Clinical Translation

Video: Designing Trials to Improve Clinical Translation

Unlocking the door to successful translation. A video interview with Glynn Wilson, CEO at TapImmune

The trial design for an immuno-oncology therapy can often be as complicated as the science itself! Designing effective clinical trials and translational models is a top priority for anyone in the immuno-oncology industry.


What are your biggest challenges when designing translational studies?


We spoke with Glynn Wilson, CEO and Chairman at TapImmune, earlier this year to discuss just this. In this video, Glynn discusses:

  1. A detailed overview of TapImmune’s fast-track therapy for ovarian cancer for platinum-sensitive patients
  2. TapImmune’s approach to designing and building translational studies
  3. The end goal of preventing metastasising cancers


Glynn gives his unique perspective on the constantly evolving field of immuno-oncology and navigating the clinical landscape. He also discusses the difficulties of translating from a rodent to a human immune system.