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Nicola Ambler Mar 18
Phacilitate supply chain webinar with Be The Match, QuickStat and Skyland Analytics

[WEBINAR] Developing an efficient, scalable cell and gene supply chain strategy to aid globalisation

This webinar unravelled complex cell and gene therapy supply chains with Be The Match, Skyland Analytics and Quick Personalized Logistics for Cell & Gene Therapy

Increasingly complex, the supply chain for advanced therapies is a critical factor for commercial success and must be considered early in development. As the market expands further and becomes more global and manufacturing paradigms shift, how will you prepare for a robust and flexible supply chain?


A panel of industry leaders discussed risk mitigation, standardisation, temperature-controlled logistics and data management strategies.



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  • Learnings from 30 years of successful life-saving cell therapy supply chain management 
  • Overcoming the complexities of personalised medicine supply chains 
  • Cell and gene therapy data management: solutions to address complex challenges  


Jamie MArgolis, Be The Match


Jamie Margolis, PhD, Director, Cell and Gene Therapy Operations

Be The Match BioTherapies 




Kent Thorup, Regional VP

Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics




Robert Di Scipio, CEO

Skyland Analytics