Embedding Flexibility into Automated Bioprocessing Sexton Biotechnologies and Phacilitate

Embedding Flexibility into Automated Bioprocessing

An interview with Sean Werner, President, Sexton Biotechnologies
We spoke to Sean Werner, President Sexton Biotechnologies about embedding flexibility into automated bioprocessing, especially for early-stage biotechs.
Sean discusses the main advantages of automating as early as possible and how he and his team are supporting biotech through the sometimes-arduous process of integrating new technology into a validated bioprocess.
Here are the questions we asked, watch this six-minute video to hear more…
  1. For early-stage biotech and start-ups that want to automate, what are the limiting factors?
  2. What are the strategic and technical advantages to automating as early as possible for advanced therapy biotechs?
  3. Revisions to automated manufacturing processes of advanced therapies can be costly and time-consuming and pose regulatory challenges. How are you working to help biotech solve this and allow for more flexibility in the manufacturing process?
  4. What would you say are the next big automation-related challenges that technology innovators should be focused on solving?