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Nicola Ambler Sep 12
Phacilitate 200 year history of cell and gene therapy and advanced therapies

The Evolution of Advanced Therapies: A 200-Year History

A guide to 200 years of milestones, achievements and innovations that have led to today's advanced therapies industry. What will we see over the next 200 years?

It's been 200 years since British physician Dr James Blundell performed the first recorded successful blood transfusion to a patient. So many milestones have been reached since then that have contributed to making the advanced therapies industry what it is today, from the creation of the HeLa cell line and the discovery of the double helix to Dolly the sheep, mapping the human genome and CAR-T approvals.


The pace of innovation we see today wouldn't be possible without these landmark moments and discoveries. 


However, not every single innovation or historic moment has been recorded in this timeline, what would you add?


View the Evolution of Advanced Therapies: A 200-year History here. For a large-scale, printable version please contact Nicola Ambler.

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