Striking the balance between regulatory opportunities and challenges

Video: Striking the Balance Between Regulatory Opportunities and Challenges

A video interview with Peter Olaganju, Senior Technical Director at Bluebird Bio. With every new opportunity comes great challenges

So much has happened in the immuno-oncology industry since we spoke to Peter at IO Frontiers World 2017 in Miami. However, the balance between opportunities and challenges remains and we still need discussion and collaboration with regulators if our industry is to succeed.


Peter Olagunju is the Senior Technical Director at Bluebird Bio and has a wealth of CMC and supply chain experience across a range of advanced therapies. In this video, Peter gives insight into:

  1. The opportunities brought by accelerated clinical development
  2. Tension points in CMC as a result of expedited time frames
  3. Improving the shelf life of autologous therapy starting materials