Phacilitate Talks with Dr Luca Alberici, Chief Business Officer, MolMed

How an Italian Start-up Became the First Company to File a Commercial Ex-vivo Gene Therapy Product

Episode three with Dr Luca Alberici, Chief Business Officer, MolMed

Luca talks us through the what, why, where, who and when of MolMed’s journey as gene therapy pioneers and the company’s two keys to success and longevity; a strong vision and adaptability.


Since the 1990s, the cell and gene therapy industry has seen some tumultuous times with no CMOs or manufacturing infrastructure to speak of and the 2002 clinical trial failures at the Necker hospital in Paris. The industry was short on funding and, most critically, expertise.


MolMed stood the test of time, as they were able to diversify their offering and pipeline with CMO services and additional oncology products.


Here’s a summary of Luca’s what, why, where, who and when:


  1. WHAT: drug mechanism, viral vector and manufacturing scale-up
  2. WHY: patients and the drive to deliver a transformative clinical benefit
  3. WHERE: no CMOs or manufacturing expertise led to the creation of MolMed’s own facilities
  4. WHO: the search for the right talent to build a qualified team
  5. WHEN: late 90s through to CHMP approval and today


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