investing in advanced therapies, cell and gene therapy and immuno-oncology

An Investor’s Outlook on the Advanced Therapies Industry with William Podd, Landmark Capital

William Podd gives his perspective on investing in advanced therapies and advice for investors and biotechs alike

Investment and funding sources are always at the heart of conversations around advanced therapies development and commercialisation. The cycle of new discovery and data and securing funding is an exceptionally thorny landscape to navigate, particularly for smaller biotech organisations. Identifying potential investors and funders and communicating the science can be a daunting prospect.


Equally, for investors there are barriers; what does sound science look like? How does the supply chain infrastructure of a product impact commercialisation and, therefore, returns?


These are discussions that are ubiquitous at the Phacilitate Leaders Forum year on year and this interview with William Podd, Founder, President and CEO, Landmark Capital provides some perspective form both sides of the investment relationship. William has extensive experience in life sciences investments and discusses how to make investments more productive with a 96% failure rate across cancer treatment investments over recent decades. Some unicorn investments have been successful and made big returns and William gives his perspective on what makes an attractive advanced therapy investment.


William also discusses the new and promising science, such as cell and gene therapies, CART and CRISPR treatments and the potential for predictive medicines.


Finally, the interview addresses where to look for investment and what the wide range of sources of capital there is for all types of funding.