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Nicola Ambler Jan 23
Aldevron and Oxford Genetics partnership

New Standardized Plasmids Available for Lentiviral Manufacturing

Novel Packaging and Expression Plasmids Promise to Reduce Gene Therapy Manufacturing Costs and Delivery Times

MIAMI, FL (January 23, 2019) - Aldevron announced today from Phacilitate Leaders World, Miami, the immediate availability of standardized plasmids for lentiviral production through a license agreement with Oxford Genetics.  Under the agreement, Aldevron will provide Rev, VSV-G, GagPol and expression plasmids royalty-free for all applications, including pre-clinical and clinical development and commercial production. 

The pALD Lenti product line of pALD-Rev, pALD-VSV-G and pALD-GagPol packaging plasmids will be immediately available for research applications, with GMP-Source™ availability beginning in summer of 2019.  Clients will be able to provide their gene of interest and Aldevron will clone the construct into the lentivirus expression plasmid for custom production.  Together these four plasmids can be used for recombinant lentiviral vector production, thereby allowing all researchers to benefit from shared large-scale production and fast delivery times. 

“Genetic medicine has experienced tremendous growth with the approval of multiple products that dramatically improve life,” said Michael Chambers, Aldevron’s CEO. “Lentiviral vectors are the key component for manufacturing many of these treatments.  The free availability of lentiviral packaging plasmids will significantly reduce the time and cost to develop and commercialize these products.”  Chambers added that Aldevron’s production scale and experience with custom manufacturing of lentiviral expression plasmids combined with the in-stock packaging plasmids provide clients with a complete set of products and services for their programs. “The lack of complicated intellectual property and royalty structures will further enable our clients and the patients they serve,” added Chambers.

“It is a pleasure to be working with a market-leading group like Aldevron.  From our early discussions, Oxford Genetics felt that there was a strong alignment of our individual strengths,” said Ryan Cawood, CEO of Oxford Genetics.  “This partnership with Aldevron will serve the needs of the gene and cell therapy industry by improving access to Oxford Genetics’ proven next-generation lentiviral plasmid system.”

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About Aldevron

Aldevron serves the biotechnology industry with custom production of nucleic acids, proteins, and antibodies. Thousands of clients use Aldevron-produced plasmids, RNA and gene editing enzymes for projects ranging from discovery research to clinical trials to commercial applications.  These products are critical raw materials and key components in commercially available drugs and medical devices.  Aldevron specializes in GMP manufacturing and is known for inventing the GMP-SourceTM quality system. Company headquarters are in Fargo, North Dakota, with additional facilities in Madison, Wisconsin, and Freiburg, Germany. To learn more, visit


About Oxford Genetics

Oxford Genetics is a leading synthetic biology company focused on developing novel technologies to overcome the challenges associated with the discovery, development and production of biologics, gene therapies, cell therapies and vaccines.  Our proprietary genomic system enables the precise engineering of DNA, which in combination with our automated platforms, drive the rational design of complex biologics and their associated production processes with the overarching aim of increasing predictability, robustness and scalability while lowering cost and human error.