Phacilitate Talks with Jessica Carmen, Pullan Consulting gene therapy

The Next Generation of Gene Therapy: A Panoramic View of the New Technologies Being Developed and Used to Deliver Genes

Episode five with Jessica Carmen, Consultant, Pullan Consulting

Jessica compares the gene therapy industry to the poem ‘A Road Less Travelled’, in that the industry isn’t entirely untrodden but the track is rough and hard to follow. Although, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take it.


This episode was delivered in a context of being second to market, where the first product is not ‘best in class’ and the room for innovation and improvement is vast.


Jessica takes us through the gene therapy toolbox (viral vectors, poration technologies, gene-editing tools, exosomes) to consider what’s viable, scalable and where the big potential lies, most notably, the CRISPR-mediated delivery of a CAR by electroporation.


This innovation is having an impact. The rate of products entering the clinic is matched only by the rate of investment in the sector. A clear example of this is CRISPR, Elizabeth Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna’s paper was published in 2012 and by 2015 it was a $1bn industry.


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