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Nicola Ambler Feb 19
supply chain case study part five commercialisation

Part Five: Commercialisation

The supply chain story concludes with a focus on commercialisation and scale-up

This collaborative case study with Fisher BioServices and SOTIO describes the use of dispersed storage and cold chain logistics, around a central manufacturing facility to create a cost-efficient and robust supply chain.


SOTIO is conducting a VIABLE trial, which is a randomised, double-blind, multi-centre parallel group phase III study. For the supply chain, this means management of time-critical, temperature controlled shipments to and from more than 20 EU and non-EU countries and the treatment of over 1000 patients. Scale-up of methods used in earlier trials was not possible for three main reasons:


  • inbound supply chain
  • outbound supply chain
  • storage and distribution


Find out how a solution was designed and implemented.

supply chain case study part five commercialisation fisher bioservices