Patient Access and Delivery of Advanced Therapies - Part One image

Patient Access and Delivery of Advanced Therapies - Part One

An interview with Jacqueline Barry, Chief Clinical Officer at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Healthcare infrastructure and the patient journey are increasingly important factors for our industry. The delivery of advanced therapy treatments requires highly specialised skillsets and technology that cannot be found in all, indeed many, healthcare settings.

The UK is leading the way, forming a network of advanced therapies treatment centres; joint ventures set up to include industry, academic and NHS partners and funded by Innovate UK. Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult are supporting the development of this network and we spoke to Dr Jacqueline Barry, the Chief Clinical Officer at the CGT Catapult about the future of patient access to therapies and how industry sectors will work together to improve delivery.

Watch the video to find out the answers to these questions…

  1. Are specific centres of excellence the answer to patient access?
  2. What knowledge can clinics and industry share to expedite advanced therapies into mainstream healthcare?
  3. How should centres of excellence align their GMP requirements to match manufacturers?
  4. What role do treatment centres and their clinicians have in educating patients?


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