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Nicola Ambler Jan 22
Regenerative Medicine Contract Manufacturing in Japan

Regenerative Medicine Contract Manufacturing Organisations in Japan

A summary of all of the regenerative medicine CMOs in Japan is presented in this infographic

What are your options for regenerative medicine manufacturing in Japan? Which CMOs have the capacity, capability and regulatory compliance you need?


There are currently ten noteworthy regenerative medicine CMOs in operation in Japan. Most service providers focus on the PMD Act route to market, but a few also provide services for those looking to enter the market under the ASRM route.


All of the regenerative medicine CMOs are located in one of the three major metropolitan areas of Japan: The Kansai Region, The Chukyo Metropolitan Area and The Greater Tokyo Area. These CMOs have strategically chosen locations near to major transportation hubs to ensure logistical simplicity.



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Regenerative medicine CMOs in Japan