Investment for Advanced Therapies

Report: Investment for Advanced Therapies

This report provides a comprehensive guide to successfully investing in advanced therapies. It also outlines across six chapters each of the challenges and opportunities of this sector for investors. Produced in partnership with biotech and money

A deep understanding of a product’s basic biology and mechanism of action is absolutely fundamental to mitigating the complexity of ATMPs and must be leveraged in the design and optimisation of bioprocess manufacturing, testing and validation, clinical development, supply chain, and market access strategy.

In order to successfully invest in and realise the potential of advanced therapies, these factors must be well understood and influence decision-making to mitigate risk.

The report is broken down into six chapters to cover the main risk factors and challenges of developing advanced therapies to guide you through this burgeoning industry and help to ensure you see a return on your investments. Here's an overview of the chapters:

  1. Overview of the advanced therapy industry
  2. Understanding cell and gene therapy pipelines
  3. Building value for cell and gene therapies and establishing market access pathways
  4. Manufacturing, commercial operations and supply chain
  5. Understanding biopharma interest
  6. Advice for investors


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Investment for advanced therapies