Phacilitate Talks Space is the Next Frontier for Global Pharma Jana Stoudemire

Space is the Next Frontier for Global Pharma

Episode six with Jana Stoudemire, Chief Commercialisation Officer, Space Tango


What if the next medical breakthrough isn’t on this planet?


Just 250 miles above your head, a whole new economy and infrastructure is being built in space. In this microgravity, things change, and physical properties can be very different, so what can be leveraged? Take optical fibre cables, when manufactured in microgravity, they have no impurities, meaning the resulting data transmission rate is 100-fold compared to what we have today.

Biological products and processes are also subject to changes in their properties. Changes in gene expression, cell signalling, cell aggregation have all been observed. Stem cells even grow faster in microgravity and their differentiation cycle is slightly delayed, which could provide some advantages from a manufacturing perspective.


Jana takes us through a brief history of space travel and the ISS through to an overview of today’s space economy, where platforms and vehicles are being built for people to live and work in space.


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