Nicholas.Longworth_89 Feb 01

Top 10 Disruptive Biotechs in Immuno-Oncology

Short ebook highlighting the top 20 disruptive biotechs in Immuno-Oncology.

With the clinical success of anti-PD-1 Ab, Nivolumab & Pembrolizumab, anti-CTLA4 Ab Ipilimumab, and the impending approval of Novartis' & Kite's CAR-T products, Immuno-Oncology is clearly gathering pace in becoming a major front line treatment for oncology. To widen the effectiveness of these treatments in more cancers and more patients, the industry is investing heavily in partnerships with innovative biotechs. Click on the HERE to see our short ebook on some of the most disruptive and exciting biotechs in the sector today.