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Nicola Ambler Nov 09
Understanding Global, Complex Supply Chains for Advanced Therapies infographic by Phacilitate Exchange

Understanding Global, Complex Supply Chains for Advanced Therapies

A snapshot of the supply chain, logistics and customs challenges for advanced therapies

Advanced therapies supply chain complexity infographic by  Phacilitate


The advanced therapies supply chain is crucial to successful commercialisation, yet is increasing in complexity. Phacilitate conducted a market-wide survey to find out what the market is currently facing in terms of supply chain challenges and what the global supply chain network might look like in five years' time. These results have now been published in this infographic.


The most insightful findings from this survey are around how global distribution is going to change over the next five years both in terms of import and export. We asked the industry which regions they were currently shipping to and from and what this would look like in five years' time. While the results for Western Europe and North America are fairly predictable, it's the stark growth in South America, Asia-Pac, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa regions that is indicative of the growth of the industry overall.


In fact, North America and Western Europe are set to see a decrease in shipments from these regions, whereas every other destination will increase. There's a snapshot of the graph below but take a look at the infographic for the full survey results.



How does your supply chain fare against the rest of the industry?

View the infographic here to find out.