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Nicola Ambler Jan 22
advanced therapies supply chain and logistics

Understanding the layers of complexity and working towards full transparency are essential to achieving a robust and agile supply chain for ATMPs

One of the main barriers to commercial viability for ATMPs is the supply chain, which contributes significantly to the overall cost of goods and is limited by infrastructure, temperature requirements and, of course, the time frame for transportation vs. cell viability

An often overlooked but major challenge of the supply chain in addition to these factors is the ‘when’. When is the optimum time to start designing your supply chain and how will it look in relation to your clinical supply chain? One of the most important elements of the ‘when’ is understanding how the formulation of a product impacts the supply chain and its cost and flexibility. Left unconsidered, this can render an advanced therapy product essentially useless, as the costs are too high and the market cannot afford to pay for it.


In this interview, Lars Krosch, VP Sales at time:matters gives his perspective on the following:

  • How thorough supply chain planning can speed up the vein-to-vein process without increasing the risk
  • The importance of an agile supply chain
  • The value of full supply chain transparency and tracking is in the physical accessibility of the shipment
  • When to involve handling agents and airlines in your supply chain design


.Supply chain and logistics for advanced therapies