Nicholas.Longworth_89 Feb 03

Video: Advanced Therapeutics 2025

Cell and Gene therapies are an emerging form of healthcare that offer significant potential to improve the practice of medicine and provide benefits to patients who currently have limited or no treatment options.

Our increased knowledge of immunology, cancer biology, developmental biology, stem cell biology, and our recent ability to efficiently manipulate human DNA to modulate gene expression has placed cell-based therapies at the forefront of modern medicine. Several cell-based therapies have come out of the intersection of these disciplines including the successful chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy for cancer treatment, and the promising use of stem cells for treatment of many conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injuries and liver disease. Of course, the complexity of these therapeutics pose challenges for scientists and firms, particularly as the industry looks to upscale its manufacturing and bring these treatments to a wider breath of patients. However the winds of change are here and Phacilitate is providing the networking platform to push the science and business forward.