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Nicola Ambler May 03
VIDEO: Automation is Nothing Without Collaboration

VIDEO: Automation is Nothing Without Collaboration

This collaborative panel, filmed at Phacilitate Leaders World 2018 in Miami, reviews the 2017 Automation SIG. Experts from CGTC, Novartis, Invetech and Miltenyi explore how we move automation forward as an industry...

Matthew Durdy, CBO at the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult leads a panel of cell and gene therapy manufacturing global experts to discuss Phacilitate's 2017 Automation special interest group findings and the next steps for moving forward collaboratively, as an industry.

Rodney Rietze, who supported the process automation for Novartis' Kymriah™, gives an incredible synopsis of the five cornerstones of automation. distilled from two days of discussion amongst 150 people into a single slide...


  1. Establishing when and how to invest in automation
  2. Understanding and developing next-generation cell and vector processes
  3. Significantly better understanding of your product
  4. Data management, capture, use and analysis
  5. Accelerating the integration of novel technologies


David Kneen at Invetech and Jason Jones of Miltenyi complete the panel and explore how the industry is going to work together to standardise and close processes, all the while keeping an eye on the end game of commercialisation.

Phacilitate's 2018 Automation SIG will continue these discussions on May 30-31. For more details and to register visit