Assessing the Funding Opportunities Available in Relation to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Coronavirus

Funding Opportunities in Relation to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Coronavirus

This 20-minute webinar discusses the funding available to the biotech industry for diagnosing and curing Covid-19
The spread of COVID-19 has greatly impacted global health. As it continues to its deadly spread across the world, the effort is being made by many to produce much-needed vaccines, therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics.

The United States Congress has recently introduced and passed several aid packages to help combat the effects of the virus. These include an $8.3 billion aid package to the US healthcare system and a $2.2 trillion stimulus package with $945 million earmarked for the National Institutes of Health. A significant amount of this budget will be available to fund private companies conducting coronavirus-related research and development.

This 20-minute webinar, presented by Ms Meytal Rosh, Director of Business Development at the FreeMind Group, will discuss several of these new funding opportunities.