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Nicola Ambler Aug 31
[WEBINAR] Avoid Tripping at the Last Mile with Brooks Automation

WEBINAR: Avoid Tripping at the Last Mile

Your therapy is cryopreserved and ready to change a patient's life. Is the cryogenic ecosystem in place to ensure you do not trip at the last mile?

Modern medicine is evolving to support the advent of cellular-based therapies and treatments. These therapies provide new promise and opportunity to so many patients. However, cellular-based therapies have specific handling requirements related to temperature.


In this case, shelf-life is only preserved when the temperature can be maintained below the glass transition of water (Tg). Any increase in temperature can result in unintended damage to cellular products. Whether you are handling vitrified eggs and embryos, or you are handling a blockbuster in CAR-T, your cryogenic eco-system needs to be rock solid. 

Join this webinar to gain perspective from two global leaders with decades of experience in handling inventories of high value, cryopreserved cellular products.

David Landowski, Brooks Automation


Moderator: David Lewandowski, Global Product Marketing Manager, 

Brooks Life Science Systems



Speaker: Kaj Rydman, President





Speaker: Albert Ribickas, BMT/QC Laboratories Manager, Cell Therapies Facility

Moffitt Cancer Center





Date: October 25th 2018

Time: 4pm BST | 11am EST | 8am PST

How: register here


The webinar will be available on demand so if you can't make the live session, register your details and we'll send you the recording.