Rethinking the A-Z of Cell Therapy Manufacturing

[WEBINAR] Rethinking the A-Z of Cell Therapy Manufacturing

An exploration of the challenges when implementing automation, and top tips for creating true end to end processing
Current manufacturing processes for cell therapies rely heavily on manual processing and individual unit operations. Whilst this has allowed for significant development with impressive clinical data in numerous applications, the next challenge is to scale from manufacturing hundreds of doses per year to manufacturing hundreds of thousands.  
Automation is the obvious evolutionary step, but current technologies are predominantly individual units of operation, and whilst able to perform each processing step in an efficient manner, combining these technologies to develop a closed, standardised manufacturing process remains elusive.  
In this webinar, a panel of industry experts from OrganaBio, Ori Biotech and Sexton Biotechnologies will discuss the current challenges of implementing automation, and share what steps they have taken in order to align these tools to create true end to end processing.  
Join us there to pick the brains of those who’ve done the hard work themselves, and gain the tools you need to rethink and revolutionise your automation strategy. 
Priya Baraniak, Vice President Corporate Development at OrganaBio, will explain what thinking and planning is necessary to create ideal end-to-end solutions for manufacturing and supply chain, based on her experiences at OrganaBio 
David Smith, VP Technical Operations at Ori Biotech, will discuss historical opportunities at Ori Biotech for process and handling materials, the improvements that are still needed, and where future opportunities exist

Steven Thompson, Vice-President, Sales & Production Management at Sexton Biotechnologies will speak about understanding the need for flexibility in process and handling materials to allow for custom manufacturing solutions and how Sexton have captured this in the Signata CT-5 as a fluid handling system 
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