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Nicola Ambler May 01
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[WEBINAR] Standardization and Large-scale Manufacturing of Helper Plasmids for Viral Vector Production

Learn more about the background of helper plasmids, their application, regulatory considerations and advantages. Hosted by Aldevron.


Success in gene and cell therapy has increased demand for plasmid DNA used to produce viral vectors, both in quantities for commercial products as well as the breadth of different vectors for the expanding number of programs in development.


Data and analysis gathered by Aldevron indicate that standardization and large-scale production of helper plasmids, those that are the same regardless of the specific viral vector produced, represents an opportunity to significantly reduce timeline, cost and risk.


The availability, cost, freedom to operate, and consistency of these plasmids will help address the growing demands of cell and gene therapy.



Watch this webinar to discuss:

  • An introduction to standardized plasmids and their large-scale production for gene therapy​
  • An overview of plasmids common to AAV and Lentiviral productions​ (pALD-X80 and pALD-Lenti)
  • Technical and regulatory considerations of helper plasmids
  • Scalability of plasmid production and how standardization supports consistency and efficiency of large-scale manufacturing
  • Data showing that the scalability of fermentation for a typical plasmid at 30 L and 300 L
  • The performance of lentiviral vectors produced with optimized plasmids



MODERATOR James Brown, Ph.D. Vice President of Corporate Development, Aldevron


MODERATOR: James Brown, Ph.D.

Vice President of Corporate Development at Aldevron





Tom Payne

Chief Scientific Officer at Oxford Genetics Ltd





Josh Grieger

Chief Technology Officer at Asklepios BioPharmaceutical Inc