Content Marketing

What Phacilitate:Exchange can do for your business...

Developing a content marketing strategy is essential to providing your community value beyond what you sell with the ultimate goal of earning a loyal customer base. Educational content that addresses your audiences’ challenges allows them to get to know your brand, positions you as a thought leader and builds relationships. It’s this emotional connection that influences decision-making and reduces the purchasing risk.

In short, content is the essential component of delivering on the promise of your brand.






How are you using content to inform, educate and provide value to your community?









Phacilitate:Exchange provides the easiest way for brands in our space to create valuable content to supports their buyer’s journey.







Phacilitate:Exchange not only has the largest, dedicated advanced therapies online community but also offers content marketing consultancy and editorial services. Everything from one-off pieces to year-long, multi-phase content plans.



Download the brochure below for more information, content options, pricing plans and to explore how we can work together to create the resources your business needs. 















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