Kent Thorup

Regional VP


<p>Kent Thorup, Regional Vice President of Business Development for the Quick Group of Companies, has over 38 years of experience in global logistics planning for time-critical, temperature-sensitive and urgent materials. He focuses on developing customized solutions for his clients in the life science and healthcare communities, ensuring product integrity and patient safety.</p> <p>With the advent of cell and gene therapy and immunotherapy, precision logistics has become a key consideration as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies carefully design their clinical and commercial manufacturing processes. Kent provides leading companies throughout the world with logistics expertise, supply chain planning and turn-key logistics solutions.</p> <p>QuickSTAT (a division of Quick International Courier), is recognised as a worldwide expert in temperature critical transport of irreplaceable biopharmaceutical materials, clinical, research samples and supplies. </p> <p>QuickSTAT provides specialised global transport to a host of the world's largest and well-known health care, research and pharmaceutical organisations.</p>
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